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Friday, October 24, 2008

North Carolina race will be a tight one

CHARLOTTE, North Carolina (CNN) -- It is a methodical routine: House by house, Mary Boyd walks to the door and carefully affixes an election guide to the doorknob.

College students from Tennessee are helping the Obama campaign's canvassing efforts.

College students from Tennessee are helping the Obama campaign's canvassing efforts.

Boyd is a foot soldier of the Mecklenburg County Republican Party, charged with finding -- and helping deliver -- every available GOP vote.

"And the best way to do that is to take a list of registered Republican households and take a piece of literature and leave it right on their door so that they have easy access to the information," Boyd cheerfully said during her rounds in a Charlotte neighborhood this week.

It is Boyd's third presidential campaign as precinct captain; twice before, she has walked these streets for a ticket led by George W. Bush.

This year is very different.

"Well, it is extremely close," she said matter-of-factly in describing the biggest difference. "I think John McCain is going to win North Carolina. I hope by a lot. But we will take it any way we can get it."

Extremely close in North Carolina is extremely rare in a presidential race. "Unprecedented" is the word local Republicans use to describe one of the reasons it is so close: For the first time in memory, they are outnumbered when it comes to troops deployed in the state for the ground war of contacting and turning out voters.

Sen. Barack Obama has 45 offices in the state, to 30 for McCain, and a paid staff that dwarfs the GOP payroll in the state. Helping the Obama effort are busloads of volunteers, including African-American college students from Tennessee who went door to door canvassing for Obama this week.

Ashley Taylor was among them, with a set routine once the door cracked open.

"Hello, I am Ashley Taylor, and I am with the Barack Obama campaign, so we are just going around to see if the neighbors here have registered to vote and if they have gone out to do early voting."

Couple this with Republican underhanded tactics of stealing signs, whispering to people in line that Obama is an Arab and sends money to terrorists and openly calling Obama things like The leader of the American Fascist Party and we have a fight on our hands. From a party that is supposed to be the protector of the morals of the country, they sure do some despicable and immoral things to try to get elected. It just slays me how they think that's the right thing to do. It's like back when Roe vs Wade was being tested and the Republican right wing was going out and shooting abortion doctors and bombing abortion clinics. They say it's wrong for the mother to get an abortion and take a human life (things I have also heard from Republicans this year) but it's ok for them to kill abortion doctors. Yeah right, whatever you say pal. Just like a woman who gets an abortion, HER fight is now with God, not the Republicans. If there is a penalty to pay for a girl getting an abortion, God will make her pay it, not us piddly humans. That is why no laws should be made that force a particular religious view down our throats or take away our right to choose. Just because one is pro-choice it does NOT mean that person is pro-abortion. To me, it means a woman can go ahead and get one if she insists, but now she has to answer to God, not to me.

Early voting runs through November 1 in North Carolina and is the urgent focus of the vast Obama field operation at the moment. From its perspective, so far, so good: Democrats outnumber Republicans more than two to one in early voting tallies in the state.

As far as the McCain people in Mooresville go, they chose in my opinion to just give up. They had no representitive in front of the library during early voting, and they were more than welcome to, not that it would have done them any good. CNN is predicting that this will be a very tight race, but this year, I'm not so sure, even though I know that this state is VERY republican based. If the Democrats could happen to actually take the state by perhaps as much as a double digit lead, it would sure set most of the people here back on their heels. After all, this IS part of the bible belt, NASCAR and all.
OH LOOK, they're making another left turn!! I've gotten some very dirty Republican looks for that comment, but oh well, deal with it.

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Blogger cameron said...

I'm still waiting to hear why mccain want s us to all go out to the free market to secure health insurance while he has never said that he would be willing to forego all the insurance he gets paid for by us the taxpayer. same for Palin whose young adult daughter also has become an additional cost actor for the state of alaska taxpayers now that she is pregnant. why doesn't pailn forego her insurance and go look for it on her own, with her darling bristol's preexisting condition. this is typical republican policy. what is good for me is too good for you.

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