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Monday, April 20, 2009

Boycott CVS Pharmacys

One of the stupidest things I have ever seen happened to me the other day. I had a friend send me $50 through Moneygram, which can be retrieved at many different locations. I chose CVS Pharmacy in Statesville, NC.After receiving the moneygram money order, I discover that CVS will not cash it even though they just issued it to me and know it's good. If it wasn't good, the terminal wouldn't have told them to issue it to me, right? Walmart wouldn't take it because they didn't issue it, but would have cashed it if they had. I called CVS Corporate offices and spoke to a girl who assured me that it has always been company policy NOT to cash money orders of any kind, even if it is from one of their offered services like Moneygram and they just finished issuing the money order to you. I begged to differ, because other CVS Pharmacy locations in other states HAVE cashed such money orders before, when I had to have spending money sent to me on my job I had out of Chicago.

The girl tried to tell me they didn't have a license to cash them. I asked to be transfered to someone in corporate, and the next person I talked to said it's always been policy not to cash them, but disputed the first girl's claim that it has something to do with a license. Walmart said they don't have a license, nor do they need one.

Here is the rub! CVS doesn't care if you now have to spend gas and time to take that money order to your own bank or a check cashing place. They just want the Moneygram fees. It is just another example of corporate greed.

If CVS didn't do Western Union and I came in with a Western Union money order to be cashed, I could fully understand them not wanting to cash it; but when it's one they just issued through a service they're licensed to offer, it just boggles the mind that they would not cash it right there, or give you cash instead of a money order.

Until CVS decides to reverse course and start talking better care of their customers, I see no more need to shop there, nor encourage anyone else to as well.

With that in mind, I am promoting a boycott of CVS.

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