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Monday, March 07, 2005

Work....what a crock part II


Alex's Transportation and Milepost Transportation WERE both owned by the same guy.
The two operated their dispatch out of the same office in Kansas.

Renzenberger, who I worked for before Alex came into Dunsmuir, took over all of Milepost's business, thereby rendering Milepost null and void.

Alex then has to establish their own dispatch center at the home office in Flagstaff AZ. Now, why Alex's can't glom onto Milepost's computer dispatch program, who knows.....but this new program they're using fucks up on a daily basis. It drops people off the board after every trip, and even if you haven't gone out on a trip, it drops people off the board. This makes it almost impossible to know who's first up and who's not. last week the board dropped me 3 days. Had I not checked on my own to see what position I was, I woulda missed trips.

side Memo: rachael told me to tell my blog hi!

Now, tell me if my math is wrong here.

Yesterday at about 5 p.m. Dispatch told me I had been dropped by the computer, but putting me back on duty, I would be 5th out. A trip goes out at 11 last night, thus making me 4th.....right?

I check again today and find I have been dropped yet AGAIN. And the dispatcher puts me BACK into 5th. I said NO WAY. I talked to her supervisor who admits it's a mistake and puts me 4th out.

Following all this? I hope so.

Then my lead driver Sam calls me and starts yelling at me about having some call on her machine about me being 4th out. She had just talked to dispatch trying to find out what it's all about, and tried to tell me I was 4th out, and that a run had just gone out.....but yet I'm still 4th out. I don't know what math class she took but if I was 4th and a run just went out, I'm now 3rd.

Sam and I ended up yelling at each other, screaming is more like it. She has a head like a block of wood. I predict she won't be around much longer. She's looking for a new job, as are alot of other people.

We all know we're being lied to, problem is, we can't figure out by who or what the lies are.

We're all figuring that pretty soon we'll all be replaced by another company.

I'm ready to file a major grievance with the union, who I know won't do anything about it, which will give me legal grounds to sue both the company and the union. If all works right, I'll even be able to add Union Pacific to the suit. I'm so tired of people and situations trying to hamper my ability to move to Illinois. So if I have to sue someone, I will.

Welcome to the swirly lying world of crew hauling for the railroad.

In Memory of Ray Charles

In Memory of Ray Charles

Today is Ray Charles Day in Georgia.

Today is the anniversary of the day the Georgia legislature rectified the wrong they did to him by banning him from playing in Georgia.

Ray was one of the most popular icons of music in our lifetime, and what a hard and tragic beginning he had.

If anyone has not seen the movie "Ray" yet, I recommend you do.

Jamie Foxx's portrayal of Ray Charles is so well done that his Oscar for best actor is certainly justified.

One good thing about Ray's life, as ironic as it is, is that now Ray can once again see.

As of June 10, 2004, he is able to see again and is once again united with his brother George.

We'll all miss you Ray!