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Thursday, January 19, 2006

My doc appointment

Went to see the surgeon today.
He checked my right knee, compared the slop in it to my left knee, and decided that the right knee was sloppy but not THAT bad.

He decided to order an MRI before deciding whether or not to do an ortho-scopic proceedure. So off he goes to order the MRI, but returns about 5 min later and says, ya know what? I think there is a more cautious route we should take. I think we should go into the knee joint with a steroid injection and then order physical therapy on your knee for 1-2 months, and see if strenghtening the knee will help your stability. THEN if that doesn't work we'll do the MRI and then maybe the ortho-scopic.

So he comes back in with this big ole fuckin horse needle.

My pants are already up over my knee and he has me lay down with my knee hanging off the table. In he goes with the needle! Thank gawd the shot also contained lydacaine. He ran into such heavy scar tissue from the ortho I had in 98 that he couldn't get it in the knee joint. That shoulda told him something right there. So he backed the needle out with only about 50% of the injection in, because he didn't want to create more discomfort by forcing his way through the scar tissue.

SOOOOOOO, I have to go 3 times a week to PT, and THEN go back to see him. Damn that shot hurt. I audio taped the whole thing, his whole consultation, including injection.

YES You CAN hear me in pain.....NO I will NOT make copies for anyone.... lmao@u for even asking....or thinking of asking.

Anyway, that's what all happened, that's my story and I'm stickin to it!!