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Tuesday, February 05, 2008


As we go to the polls today to vote for Super Tuesday, we have some things to consider.
At no other time since JFK has our country so badly needed a total change in direction AND leadership.

Now, I'm not running for President, but I DO have some good ideas that I hope by bogging them, the candidates will pick up on and perhaps put into action as President. The one thing about the majority of my ideas are that solving one problem also solves many others. It is the kind of thinking "outside the box" that this country needs.

I'm a big believer in punishment for crime. We don't really DO any kind of punishment anymore.
Thugs and gang bangers for example, threaten to "cap" someone because they can do a dime (slang for 10 yrs in prison) standing on their head. Why is prison so easy on prisoners that they consider it the equivalent of a kid being given a "time out" by their parents? Because it is easy, way too easy these days. Booze and drugs and even sex are easy to obtain in prison and after the prisoners get back from their $0.12 an hour job (that's the latest figure I have on prisoner pay) they sit in a day room with cable TV, (giant screen even), nice chairs, and kick back till bed time.
I could go on and on about how easy today's prison inmates have it, but you get the point.

Growers of fruits and vegetables pay illegal aliens (for example strawberries the latest pay I heard is $12 per hour) a ton of money to pick crops. This is why so many aliens risk crossing the border to come here. Where does the money go that they earn? Back to their country of course. Does most or all of it help OUR economy? Of course not.

What if we put prisoners out on "chain gangs" picking strawberries? I'll use those as an example and the pay of 12 cents vs 12 dollars per hour as a hypothetical example.

Certainly we don't want prisoners out there in the open where they can escape and harm others in the community, but what if they all had "shock collars" around their necks like an invisible dog fence?

And what if this "shock" was disabling or fatal rather than just shocking your dog to train him to not go out of the yard? Certainly you wouldn't need that many guards to watch the prisoners, and picking fruit would be a good punishment. If we mandated that growers used prison labor AND that they passed along the labor savings TO the consumer, how fast do you think the price of strawberries would drop like a rock?

We'd be able to buy more, bag and freeze them, eat strawberries year around and thus the grower would have to produce more, which means more money in his pocket. Price drops at the grocery store on all produce picked by prisoners would cause the average American to be able to eat healthier, and provide more for their families. It would also help dry up the alien job market and drive them back to their country.

So just something as simple as prison reform would help:
1. Making food prices go down
2. Driving illegals out of the job market (go home, what part of ILLEGAL entry don't you understand?)
3. Make punishment once again mean something
4. Increase the health of Americans by eating better.
5. Help cure poverty.
6. Save taxpayers money funding the revolving door that prison has become.
7. Cut down on the number of illegals who see America as their ticket out of their country.

Now, I'm not saying I have ANYTHING against Mexicans or Mexico, but DAYAM people, get in line. If you want to come here, do it right. Don't come here, drop a baby on our soil just so you can stay here because your kid is a citizen. And don't bitch about it when we kick you out either.

LEGALLY immigrate, assimilate (yes that means learn English) and obey American Laws.

Back in the day, when government spending was somewhat under control, it was stated that if we had a flat tax, "x" number of cents per dollar earned, and NO DEDUCTIONS of any kind allowed, and even corporations paid the same amount, we'd have so much money in the treasury that we could not only retire the national debt, even the one Bush has put us in, but we could also fund a total overhaul of our infrastructure (buildings, bridges, roads, ozone emissions etc) and still have enough left over to fund a better education system and offer health care to every citizen.

Couple that with controlled government, less wasteful spending, and mandating that all legislators attend every session (5 days a week), we could finally, once again have a government OF the people, BY the people and FOR the people.

Government can URGE Hollywood to be more responsible for their content on tv, movies and in music, but we need to stop having the government be the babysitters of our youth. It's a parent's responsibility to monitor what their kids are exposed to and it's also a parent's right to discipline their kid at they see fit so long as they don't "abuse". This will also help stop the prison revolving door issue.

Politicians need to stop political rhetoric and start talking to us and each other as you would a friend just having a friendly discussion. It should NOT take a CNN pundit 3 hrs to decipher what a politician said and how we should feel about it.

A war that is waged for legitimate and warranted reasons, we should stay and fight. But we're not surrendering by getting out of a war we had no business being in to begin with. So we then put our soldiers on the border till he fences are finished and we also use our soldiers to inspect incoming cargo, since they say incoming cargo containers are a prime way that terrorists can smuggle stuff in.

These are just the tip of the iceberg of my ideas, but for those of you who are laughing at them right now, and think we can never achieve these goals, just let me say that all it takes is electing a candidate who has the guts to make real change, and most of my ideas would realistically fly.

Who do I personally feel has the guts and capability to see my ideas as viable?


Feel free to comment and/or pass this along to any candidate