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Monday, October 02, 2006

An open letter to Speaker Dennis Hastert

Open letter to Speaker Dennis Hastert
Current mood: pissed off

How dare you get on television and say that it's tough for parents to protect their kids and monitor who they talk to on the internet?

All you are TRYING POORLY to do is deflect attention away from the real issue. That issue being that you Republican lawmakers are more immoral in the bedroom than you accuse Democrats of being.

I have no doubt whatsoever, that if you admitted the Republicans have a problem, and did your best to kick ass and take down names, and come totally clean to the American people, you'd garner many more votes.

As it is, I predict you will lose one if not both houses and this country will once again go back to fairness and equity of life.

Oh I know, I know, the gas prices are dropping to make the Republicans look good, like they did something about the economy. And I have no doubt that the Foley matter is dirt dug up by the Democrats. I'm not saying the Democrats are perfect either, but damn, this yellow journalism and snipping has got to stop. The Republican party is supposed to be the party of monitoring morality in America, but you can't stand there and legislate morality when you have child predators in your own midst.

Both sides of the isle have to clean house, empty all skeletons out of the closets, expose all criminal antics and give the American people a clear choice of candidates who are ALL above board in all their personal, business and political dealings.

ONLY THEN will any of you be able to "throw stones."

ONLY THEN can you stand up there and pose the Republican party as the "moral compass" of our country.

I could also tell from your interview on CNN, you were lying through your squinty eyes. You knew about the Foley matter LONG ago. Your eyes, your choice of words and body language all said you lied.

With the invention of the internet and instant media, you can no longer assume you can "spin a story" and get away with it.

So stop trying.