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Thursday, November 23, 2006

It just slays me

You know, it just slays me, how overboard our country and our world have become.

This Mexican girl, what's her name, who's hold up in a church in Chicago. She says she did nothing wrong. Yet she admits she used a false social security number. Isn't that against the law? And isn't something against the law considered wrong? Isn't that WHY it's a law?

Lets say she was a citizen.....just dreaming of course, but for the sake of argument...... lets say she's a citizen and pulls a gun on someone. It's against the law to brandish a weapon.....right?

Lets say she shot someone with that gun......again, against the law.......right? She hides....(as IN a church)........uses fake ID to keep from getting caught......she's running from justice......right?

HOW can she say she did nothing wrong?????

Ok, lets compare that to her situation. She showed up at the border crossing. That's brandishing herself. She jumped over the border. That's shooting the gun. She uses fake ID.......that's trying to conceal her crime. She hides in a church.....that's running from justice. Again I ask, how can she say she did nothing wrong?

And isn't that church which is harboring her also violating the law by harboring a fugitive? Aren't churches just as responsible for obeying the law as any one individual is? (Don't EVEN get me started on Corporate lawbreakers)

The girl says she wants to stay here for 2 reasons. One is her kid. Well personally I don't believe in anchor babies, never have, never will. If you broke the law to get here, dropping a newborn on American soil doesn't entitle you to any special privileges. Break any FURTHER laws like murder, theft, etc, and you're to be punished for those, as well as coming here illegally. And didn't she break further laws with her false ID? When you steal car, you get charged with it. Use that car to run over someone, you get charged with that as well not just theft. Get into a high speed pursuit and you're committing a host of crimes as well.......right?

As you compound your crimes, so are you compounding the charges against you.

Am I wrong, or is she, the church that is protecting her, her supporters, and the ACLU just not getting the point?

She says she wants to stay here to make a better life for her and her son. How fine can it be to have to always be on the run, looking over your shoulder, always wondering if INS will catch up to you? How is it better if you have to try to make a mockery out of your laws and judicial system by making it publicly known that you are a lawbreaker, not just by coming here illegally, but also falsifying ID and who knows how many other countless crimes?

I honestly feel we need to revoke citizenship of anchor babies, send them and their parents back where they came from, and let them get in line to apply to LEGALLY re-enter the USA. If you want to give them some kind of advantage, put them first in line BEHIND all those who have LEGALLY tried to gain access to our country. It's a short line anyway.

Now, I know this view is going to piss off a lot of people, but hey, put down your guns, and think about it for a minute. If you come after me for my opinion with a gun or bomb, aren't YOU breaking the law as well?

And since when is it ok for the ACLU to support lawbreaking? Come on guys, give it a rest. Change the law if you feel it's unjust, but don't espouse protecting someone who broke the law.
The legislature and the ballot box are where you urge changes in laws if you want to protect someone. It's worked quite well for over 200 yrs, so get over yourself and just accept it.
The only way she should be allowed to stay is to do time in prison for her crimes.

And since that's never going to happen, she goes back to Mexico, and so does her son.......case closed

What a THANKSGIVING POST eh? I'm thankful for the ability to discern right from wrong, justice from injustice, and being able to put both into words without going to jail or dying for it.


Tuesday, November 21, 2006

What if Bush were arrested for Treason

Oh, that grand day, Bush and cohorts are arrested for treason, murder and terrorism. It is discovered that they planned 9/11. Osama bin Laden is found hiding on the Bush ranch in Crawford Texas. Seems logical, since that's the LAST place anyone would think to look, right?

All the members of Skull and Bones Society are also under arrest, as they had all attended a meeting with bin Laden for planning yet another attack. Of course that means we're now minus a Supreme Court, half the Senate, half the Congress, a few governors, 99.9% of Bush's cabinet, and even the Saudi Royal Family and ALL the Bush family.

By constitutional rules of succession to the presidency, Diane Feinstein and Barbara Boxer are the only two remaining Senators not in on the plot, so they become Prez and vPrez.

I of course get the reward money for pointing the way to bin Laden, and the new Prez likes the way I think, so I get asked to be the new chief presidential advisor.

What do I advise the President to do?

Well for one thing, we are in Iraq and Afghanistan under false pretenses in the first place, so we bring all our troops home NOW. This is not cut and run, this is understanding that democracy smacks the religion over there right in the face, and trying to shove democracy down their throats is like making American Christians choose between the Bible and a democratic society. Which one is going to win? The Bible and Christianity of course.
So we pull all our troops NOW. We leave the weapons there, after all, the middle east has been at war with itself for THOUSANDS of years anyway, what made GWB think he could change anything over there is beyond me, but they're gonna need our weapons to finish each other off. Point is, we get our troops out before ONE MORE INNOCENT SOLDIER loses his/her life.

We instead take those troops and put them to work defending our ports, borders, inspecting incoming cargo, and incoming airline and ship passengers, and those sneaking across the border from Mexico.

I hope you got awhile to read, because I have A LOT of advice for the new president.

Prisons are over crowded, so all those in for life without possibility of parole, or those on death row are executed, immediately. Yes, giving the benefit of the doubt, the ones who have admitted guilt or who's guilt was caught on camera go first. The rest, can go through their appeals process so we try to eliminate executing those who may actually be innocent.
The rest of the prisoners, we take away their babysitter (the color TV hooked up to satellite) in the main lounge, and other perks they get, and we go back to prison chain gangs. Hell, everyone claims that part of the immigration problem is that we need a guest worker program to let Mexicans come in and do jobs Americans won't do. So rather than pay a Mexican illegal $12 to pick strawberries, we have prisoners do it for $0.12 an hour, and the grower can lower his market prices accordingly and still make the same % profit margin.

Here's where the corporate margin of profit is important. ANY industry that uses foreign labor, we can get prisoners to do. They can still make the same margin of profit by paying 12 cents an hour instead of dollars per hour, illegals will no longer be able to find work, and they'll bail out of America as fast as they came in. And the company can lower their prices to consumers without losing a dime.

America goes back to punishing law violators and turns a tidy profit for American business in the process, while lowering prices to consumers. A win win solution if ever there was one.

Gas prices are lowered. Since we now control the price of crude, it goes back to a manageable 1970's price. Prices at the pump are lowered to 50 cents for the most expensive grade and each grade under is 5 cents less. Let me explain the logic in that. Over the years, companies have had to raise their prices for goods, due to higher costs of not only shipping their final product, but also to cover the shipping to them of the goods used to make their product. It's a trickle down effect, but now that everyone is paying less for goods shipped to them to make a product, and they're paying less to ship it to market, they can lower their end cost to consumers and still once again, maintain the same % of profit margin. Again we have a win/win situation.

Now, since we have lost half our government in this sting operation which netted all those arrests I mentioned earlier, we all have to realize that we've got to work together to rebuild America. So we take the word greed out of the business vocabulary. We don't take out their right to turn a profit, but we DO take out their ability to shaft the public in doing it.

We demand that all out-sourcing stop. We now have the chance to once again become a nation of product producers rather than a nation that relies on foreign imports. If you don't want to stop outsourcing, you can get out of America....take your company and go, but be forewarned, you will not be able to do business with America. Bring all your jobs home, put rightful Americans back to work, or we will no longer let you do business IN or WITH America.

ALL states who DON'T have a state income tax will have one. Why? Because we're going to a flat tax. Now I'm not 100% sure what the % of tax would have to be, but I'm PRETTY SURE that if it was like 3% of every dollar earned, we'd generate enough revenue to pay off Bush's war and then some, all in 2 yrs or less. This means, every individual, AND corporation pays 3% of every dollar in tax, NO DEDUCTIONS OF ANY KIND. You make $1, 3 cents goes to government. The feds take 2 cents, the state takes 1 cent. Now, I know that my example may not be the right % figure, but you get the idea. America loses revenue by the tons, just based on deductions people and corporations are allowed to take.

English is the national language for speaking, and forms and publications, speak it and read it, or go home. Are there exceptions to this? Sure, ONE. If we go into a Mexican or Chinese or other ethnic restaurant or similar business, sure we expect to hear the flavor of that country being spoke amongst the employees. We don't mind if Mexican music is playing in the background......after all, we go to a Mexican restaurant for the food and the "flavor" (culture) of Mexico. But once outside that place, we're Americans, and if you're a Mexican citizen who came here legally, so are you, so BE American outside your business establishment. Are these racist views? Hell no! These are American views. This is about respect for the country you now call home. If you want to live here, work here, pay taxes here, enjoy American freedoms here, respect America by learning and speaking the language in public. I don't care what you speak at home or on the phone, just don't force anyone else to listen to it. Other countries, I know it sounds like I'm picking on Mexico, but I'm not really, have no business forms or signs in English. If you don't know how to speak and read the language of that country, or have a translator handy, you're screwed. It should be that way here as well.

American government is no longer going to babysit your kids. Police your own kids as to what they watch on TV, what video games they play, what songs they listen to and what they say and do online. Sure, we'll still be there to catch predators if they try to meet your kid, but we're not going to allow stings like Dateline to prevail. Punish your kids as you see fit, just don't abuse them. You will no longer go to jail for taking a switch to them. Smacking a kid didn't fuck up my generation, nor will it yours. We turned out OK, and we got some good disciplining.

Standards for teachers will improve. If you're one of those teachers who's been shown on "The Tonight Shows Jay Walking" segment, and you can't identify pictures of world leaders or know basic geography or basic science or math, we don't want you teaching our kids. Pick a new line of work please.

No more yellow journalism during campaigns. Focus on the issues not the personalities.

No more touch screen voting without a paper trail and proper election security.

More to come...............

Sunday, November 05, 2006


Yea! Ted Haggard finally admitted the truth. He did have sex with the male prostitute. Well isn't that a revelation? (no pun intended)

I don't know how many of you saw it, but in the interview he did in his car (who the hell holds an interview in their car?) you could tell he was lying his ass off. I was trained in the military to tell when someone is lying by how they move their eyes when answering a question or thinking of an answer.
First he denies even knowing the guy, then he admits he did. Next he denies buying meth, then he admits he did, but used the Clinton defense, he didn't inhale. Yeah right!

Lastly he denies having sex with the gay guy. Now he's admitting he has a life long sexual problem. Yeah, it's called being sexually conflicted due to religion.
I've said it once, I'll say it again, if God (assuming there is one) had NOT meant for us to enjoy sex, he wouldn't have made it feel so good AND as for masturbation, he woulda made our arms shorter. It's a no brainer.

So where do the 30 million or so, members of the evangelical movement get off (via hijacking the Republican party and the Whitehouse) telling us we can't enjoy sex, or have sex with members of the same sex, or that we can't marry two gays, or get an abortion, and that Aids is God's way of spanking us for our immorality?

It's as hypocritical as Catholic Priests molesting alter boys and screwing Nuns. Many would say, "Well Jim it's the bible that says who we can bang and who we can't." But WHO wrote the bible? Even MAN admits they wrote it, they just claim they had divine inspiration to do so. Oh? Since when does it take almost 500, yes I said FIVE HUNDRED years to write ANY book? If it was divinely inspired, what the hell was up with the communications channel between heaven and the bible scribes? Sun spots? Magnetic interference? Pony express got lost and ended up on Alpha Centuri? God's telegraph machine malfunctioned?

Ya know, you'd think that if the fundamentalist, right wing, religious, nazi, nut jobs were so concerned about going to heaven, they'd all want to make sure that only THEIR actions were judged, and that all the "sinners" who want to can just stay right here and sin, because that'll leave more room for themselves in heaven. But NOOOOO, they have to try to legislate OUR morality.

Let me ask the nut jobs a good question? The inhabitants of the middle east have been fighting each other for THOUSANDS of years, right? What makes you think a concept like democracy, and our men and women dying to give democracy to the middle east, is going to make the fighting stop?

ok, give up? Want a hint? IT'S NOT. Especially when the concept of Democracy totally disagrees with the religious beliefs of the locals there. Which one do YOU think is going to win out? Their religion of course.

So what are we doing in Iraq besides giving Saddam a death sentence?

Our fearless leader Dubya, has taken his so called mandate from God and the nut jobs too far and killed way too many of us. And they won't stop till we can vote them all out of office.

Religion and politics, the two heights of hypocrisy, and the primary reason our founding fathers wrote in the separation of church and state.

On Tuesday, if you haven't already voted by absentee ballot, it's time to go in and separate the church from the state again. And if you believe for one second that your vote didn't count due to electronic voting fraud, speak up, let your voice be heard. Make some noise about it, contact media, protest, write letters, make phone calls.

This Tuesday is our time to demand change, so damn it, DEMAND it.

Lets make Bush as lame as his grasp of the English language.

And kudos to the gay guy who blew the Haggard whistle. (yes pun intended)